Parish Kit

The Justice for Immigrants Campaign has developed a series of resources that discuss a wide range of topics related to immigration.  These educational tools include information on how to reach out to the media, tips for pastors who are developing homilies on immigration related issues, and a fact sheet debunking commonly held myths that some opponents of reform claim are facts.  We encourage you to use these resources to educate yourselves, to educate others, and prepare your community on the upcoming debate on comprehensive immigration reform.  We further encourage you to distribute these resources broadly, so as many people as possible will be exposed to this important information.  It is only with your help that we will be able to secure passage of humane and comprehensive immigration legislation. 

  • Catholic Bishops Call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform
    The Catholic bishops of the United States have called for passage of comprehensive immigration reform.  Take a look at this resource to learn what comprehensive reform is all about!
  • Immigration and Catholic Social Teaching
    The Catholic Church has a long moral tradition that focuses on how we should treat migrants and migrant communities.  Use this resource as a way to familiarize yourself with this moral framework.
  • Immigration and the Economy
    A great deal of discussion related to immigration focuses on their affect on the economy.  Use this fact sheet as a mechanism to educate yourself and others on the widespread benefits that immigrants bring to the American economy.
  • Immigration Basics
    This document provides an overview of migration realities, including definitions for different groups of migrants and various U.S. policies toward them.
  • Immigration Myths
    There are a number of myths surrounding immigration and it is important that you are well informed to dispute these myths with facts when confronted by them.  Use this resource a guide to help you respond to myths about immigrants when you hear them.
  • Immigration Q&A
    Do you have questions on the issue immigration?  There is a good chance that this resource will help to provide some answers.

Communicating with the Media

  • Media Outreach Guide
    These two resources will show you how to more effectively deal with the media and how to better engage them on issues of interest to you and your community.   This includes advice on how to write an Op-Ed, issue a press release, and call together a press conference.
  • Sample Op-Ed
    A sample Op-Ed that will help to inform you on how you can write one of your own.
  • Sample Homily-Cardinal McCarrick
    A sample homily on migration related issues from Cardinal McCarrick.  It may provide some insights on creating a homily related to immigration.
  • Sample Homily-Cardinal Rigali
    A sample homily on migration related issues from Cardinal Rigali of Philadelphia.  It may provide some insights on creating a homily related to immigration.
  • Suggestion for Homilists
    For priests who are interested in talking about migration related issues and Catholic social teaching in their homilies but are not sure where to start, this resource provides some useful suggestions that will point you in the right direction
  • What Leaders are Saying about Immigration
    Hear what both secular and religious leaders have had to say on immigration and immigrants.

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